ALMANAC announce new album "Rush Of Death" !

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are pleased to announce the next piece of big news for the band – that their third studio album "Rush Of Death" will be released on 06.03.2020 via Nuclear Blast. The epic cover artwork has also been revealed today.

Victor has made a statement regarding the news,
"The new ALMANAC line-up has been working out very well indeed, and following on from our latest headline tour and festival run in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and Korea, it seemed the perfect time to enter the studio. I spent a lot of time on the song writing and I contemplated a lot on what has influenced my style throughout my thirty plus year career. There’s the hard riffing in tracks like "Unity" and "Soundchaser" of RAGE, bombastic orchestration in "Suite Lingua Mortis", plus the versatile vocal parts and crazy solos in Lingua Mortis Orchestra. You can find all these influences on the new ALMANAC album "Rush Of Death", which some people might find surprisinglyheavy. It is a very guitar-intensive record which consists of two parts: one half with energetic metal songs without orchestration, and the other half (no less harder!) contains an epic "Suite Lingua Mortis Part 2" recorded with the same symphony orchestra as the original Part 1 of "Speak Of The Dead" by RAGE. Album guestsFrank Beck of GAMMA RAY and Marcel Junker have enriched the vocals with their versatile range of singing. Lyrically, we’ve remained true to ourselves and have researched the history thoroughly. As an adrenaline junkie, I found that the theme of “gladiators” has tied in very well with the songs, but this time, we transferred the issue to the present - portraying racing drivers as modern gladiators. I’m very familiar with the dangers of being behind the steering wheel: with eleven 24 hour Nürburgring races under my belt, including various victories, but also fails, I have already fought many hard fights. We as a band also took ourselves to the limit in the studio, staying true to the motto: "pedal to the metal!"

ALMANAC won’t be resting on their laurels with live shows either – they’re set to present tracks from "Rush Of Death" to fans in spring 2020, when the band joins the Finnish Horror Metal maniacs LORDI on their European tour.


Summer festivals are over

The summer festivals are over and we had a great time in Russia, Czech Republic, South Korea and Germany! Next week we‘ll start our studio sessions, so new ALMANAC stuff is on its way! We'll come back to you out of the studio soon....



VS Studio - Orchestra arrangements

If you're a fan of handmade music with real instruments and you like orchestral sounds, I can offer you my help! Sometimes recording with an orchestra is faster and cheaper than painfully programming keyboard samples. Just let me know if you need arrangements, recordings or producings with an orchestra just like I did for RAGE, Lingua Mortis Orchestra, ALMANAC, Leaves' Eyes and many more.



Impressions of Metalfest

Hi guys!

"Here are some impressions of the Metalfest for you!
We've cut a little video out of YOUR mobile snippests! …including a very special view out of Victors GoPro Camera which was fixed on his guitar neck!"

Impressions of Metalfest


4 festival shows - 4 different countries !

Hi guys!

Wow, what a hot show at the Metalfest in Plzen! 15.000 people infront of the stage, 38° on the stage and lots of fun! Thanks to all who where there for your great support! It's real cool: 4 festival shows - 4 different countries ! This is how we like it ! And in-between the shows we'll rehearse some new stuff for the upcoming ALMANAC album.

See you ....


Breaking News from New Music Academy

Hi dear Metalheads

Finally it's happening: our new eagerly awaited correspondence course Metal Guitar Masterclass with Victor Smolski and Ralf Fiebelkorn will started on 07th of March! Everybody, who will bock the course up to the 06th of March will get 15% early bird discount on all course fees and for all Victor & ALMANAC fans we have a real special tidbit in petto:
On 07.03.19 the successful "ALMANAC" tour 2019 will be continued, and everybody who will book the correspondence course Metal Guitar Masterclassup to the 06.03.19, has the opportunity, to upgrade his purchased concert ticket to a free VIP ticket, with early entry to the soundcheck and meet & greet with Victor and the whole ALMANAC group.
More infos you'll get here:
And here you can test the Metal Guitar Masterclass 4 weeks free and noncommittal:
Tickets for ALMANAC tour you can get here:


Thanks for support

Thanks to all Metalheads for your support!

The first two concerts of our tour are sold out, we're looking forward to the next shows !


ALMANAC announce 2019 headline tour

ALMANAC recently completed their 2018 festival season and seemingly can't get enough of playing live to their fans. So today they’re pleased to announce a headline tour, that will start early in 2019.

Victor comments: “ After our tour at the beginning of this year and the amazing summer festivals we played at, ‘Werner-Das Rennen’ for example, we would like to go on tour again and, as a headliner, offer a very special set-list to our fans. ALMANAC will not only play the best of the last two albums Tsar and Kingslayer, but also the best songs from my RAGE and LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA era. Songs from the "Unity", "Soundchaser" or "LMO" CDs will be rocking in my original versions.
The first show of the ALMANAC 2019 tour will be on February 9th, 2019 at the Hoppe Garden in Hamm/Westf., where, 30 years ago, I played my first show in Germany. Those are absolutely unforgettable memories for me! I want to invite you to a very special show where we will be celebrating my 50th birthday together with a lot of special guests on stage, including members of my former bands RAGE, MIND ODYSSEY, and LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA! It will definitely be a great party! The tour will then continue in March with two fantastic support acts ENEMY INSIDE and NEW LEVEL

09.02.2019 D Hamm/Westf. Hoppegarden *
15.02.2019 D Haltern am See Trigon
07.03.2019 D Burglengenfeld VAZ
08.03.2019 D Mannheim 7er Club
09.03.2019 D Andernach JUZ
10.03.2019 D Dresden Club Puschkin
13.03.2019 D Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal
16.03.2019 BY Minsk Club Republic *
01.06.2019 CZ Plzen Metalfest *
28.07.2019 RUS Moscow Big Gun Festival *
* - (nur Almanac)

Also, check out the live videos from ALMANAC's summer festival shows::

'Hands Are Tied' (Live in Portugal):
'No More Shadows' (Live in Portugal):
'Children Of The Sacred Path' (Live in Portugal)
ALMANAC @ JUMF Festival (Snippet):


Private Lesson Voucher

All guitarists, who didn't got time to book privat lessons with Victor Smolski, have the chance to buy a voucher for Christmas now for themself or as a present.

Voucher can be ordered at victorsmolski(at)


ALMANAC release festival videos and announce first festival appearance in 2019!

ALMANAC recently finished off their 2018 festival season. To celebrate, the band has launched a bunch of live videos from these appearances, to give fans at home an idea of what they've missed. Check them out below!

'Hands Are Tied' (Live in Portugal):

'No More Shadows' (Live in Portugal):

'ALMANAC @ JUMF Festival (Snippet): :

States Victor Smolski,

"This year's summer festival tour was amazing! We played a fantastic stadium show at JUMF Festival in South Korea first. This concert, including an outstanding light show was recorded for a DVD release. The ALMANAC machine has never run as well as it did there! Afterwards we headlined Milagre Festival in Portugal, where our new vocalist Patrick Sühl proved once again, that he can replace our former singers David Readman and Andy B. Franck perfectly and that he really knows his own style. Last but not least we were invited to perform at my favorite festival of this year's season - Werner Rennen. I could work with my racing team there for 4 days on 2 tracks at full throttle too. We even brought one of the trophies home. On Sunday, ALMANAC performed at Kesseldrom Stage and had lots of fun with our fans! Thanks to every single one of you for the immense support! See you on our next tour, which is already in progress!"


31.05. - 02.06. CZ Pilsen - Metalfest Open Air


Order »Kingslayer« now, here:

Order »Kingslayer« digitally, here:

More on »Kingslayer«:

'Losing My Mind' OFFICIAL VIDEO:


'Children Of The Sacred Path' OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO:



ALMANAC show at "Werner - The Race" festival

On the 30thof August it willl happen again: "Werner - The Race", Europe's largest motorsport festival, enters their next round and this year, ALMANAC will be part of it - on the stage and also on the racetrack.

Get some information on the event here:

Victor Smolski states:
"I‘m really looking forward to playing at the legendary “Werner Das Rennen” with my band ALMANAC. With our new singer Patrick Sühl the band is stronger than ever before. After our fantastic tour in Korea, where we filmed our live DVD, we can‘t wait to rock Germany again. ’Werner-Das Rennen‘ is simply perfect for me - it combines two of my favourite things to do: music and racing. My racing-team and I will be there for the fans with our show- and racing-taxi for all four days of the festival.
It surely be an adrenaline kick to have eight Motorsport-racing-series in 50 categories, 3000 participants with 1060 Vehicles competing in eight Racing-series. ’Push the pedal to the metal‘! See you soon!"

Watch the trailer for the Korean tour here:


ALMANAC introduce new singer Patrick Sühl as well as new drummer Marc Dzierzon

ALMANAC are pleased to officially introduce new singer Patrick Sühl to the band. They also welcome Marc Dzierzon as the drummer. Before becoming ALMANAC's new singer, Patrick Sühl performed in the band GUN BARREL and several cover bands playing the music of bands like JUDAS PRIEST, WHITESNAKE and DEEP PURPLE. According to Victor Smolski, Patrick's remarkable vocal range makes a second male singer superfluous from now on.

Victor says: "I´m happy to introduce Patrick Sühl to you as our new band member! Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts David is not able to join us on our upcoming Tour dates. As an ALMANAC fan right from the beginning Patrick now takes over all male voices with his metal-power. Also on our last European Tour I invited Marc Dzierzon on drums. His modern metal style of playing drums kicks ass! I´m looking forward to our Festival Tour in August/September!"

New singer Patrick adds: "When Victor called me I didn't have to think for one minute. Do I want to sing in a band with such incredible compositions and musicianship?! Well, of course! "Tsar" and "Kingslayer" had their fair amount of airtime in my car's stereo and I'm very much looking forward to touring and creating more extraordinary music with this band. See you guys on the road!"

Marc Dzierzon is the former drummer of the technical death metal band CENTAURUS A and focused his drumming on technical and progressive metal music including the challenge of powerful and aggressive blast beats. Exactly what ALMANAC need.

Marc comments: "I'm honored being part of ALMANAC as it's battery. Being a full member of such a high-level band with it's instrumentalists and singers let me reach the next level in my young career and from the very beginning I feel home behind the kit. I'm looking forward to all what future will bring and hope to order a lot of experiences with ALMANAC".


ALMANAC will rock the JUMF Festival in Korea

Hi guys!
On 4th of August, ALMANAC are going to rock the JUMF Festival in Korea! The ALMANAC performance in the Jeonju Stadium will start at 8:10 pm!

Don´t miss the signing session around 06:35 ~ 06:55 pm!

See you there!


JUMF festival in Korea

Hi everybody,
we're so proud to announce, that we will be doing a couple of shows in Asia this year. The first one will be a full night show on Saturday, 4th of August in Korea at the JUMF.
JUMF (Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival) is becoming one of the biggest open-air rock festivals in Asia. JUMF ( will take place at Jeonju Stadium in the city of Jeonju on August 3-5, 2018.


Incredible tour.....

Fantastic shows around our tour couldn't have been better! Thanks to Leaves' Eyes and MaYaN for this incredible tour!
Thank you Paris, thank you Lyon, thank you München, thank you Siegburg, thank you Essen, thank you Vosselaar, thank you London, thank you Nijmegen, thank you Hamburg, thank you Erfurt, thank you Berlin, thank you Weinheim!

We'll come back!


Happy birthday ALMANAC !

Thanks to all fans! 3 years have passed incredible fast, but it's a quiet short periode compared to my long Rock'n Roll history.
It's already 35 years that I'm playing in different bands. Here you can see my history since I moved to Germany.

See you on tour!


ALMANAC on European tour

Hi everybody,

I'm very excited to announce, that ALMANAC will go on tour to present our new songs from the »Kingslayer« CD live! Together with our friends from LEAVES' EYES, for whom I've recorded the orchestral parts on their records for many years now, and the great symphonic death metal band MaYaN from EPICA mastermind Mark Jansen, we'll tour throughout Europe in April and May.

Check the dates and we'll see you there!


18.04. F Paris - Petit Bain
19.04. F Lyon - Warmaudio
20.04. E Barcelona - Sala Bikini
21.04. E Valencia - Sala Fussion
22.04. E Madrid - Sala Caracol
24.04. D Munich - Backstage
25.04. D Siegburg - Kubana
26.04. D Essen - Turock
27.04. B Vosselaar - Biebob
28.04. UK London - The Dome
29.04. NL Nijmegen - Doornroosje
01.05. D Hamburg - Knust
02.05. D Erfurt - From Hell
03.05. D Berlin - Frannz-Club
04.05. D Weinheim - Café Central

Order ALMANAC's records and merch, here:


»Kingslayer« became "Album of the year" at Worship Metal magazine

ALMANAC's new album "Kingslayer" became "Melodic Metal / Power Metal Album of the year" at the Worship Metal magazine. Congratulation!!!!!!!!