Frank Beck

I was born on the 2nd of April in the year 1969 in a small village near Saarbrücken/Germany and I am still living there. I started singing at the age of 3 from the balcony of my grandmothers house with "Ave Maria" From that balcony you had a fantastic overview and so it became my first stage. At this time I listened to "Elvis" and "The Beatles" and surely to fairytales from Brothers Grimm.

In 1976 my music world totally changed as I first get in touch with Deep Purple`s album "Made in Japan" - never heard a voice like this, never heard a band playing that powerful as they did. That was the style I wanted to do! And so I listened every day maybe more than 20 times to that golden album and tried to sing like Ian Gillan (never hit his highest note, haha). My mother and grandparents went crazy, because hearing "Child in time" 20 times a day can drive you insane...anyway, they survived. Deep Purple also brought me to Queen, Rainbow and Whitesnake, and later on to Black Sabbath, DIO, Iron Maiden and at least to the harder melodic Powermetal. I am a child of the 80`s and there is no doubt that this decade had the most musical influence on me!

In 1985 I was sitting with my classmates in the last row in school – bored as always. One of them started to throw a beat and I started singing. That`s how I got into my first (School)Band and made my first experiences on stage with music.

After playing in several Rock/Hardrock- and Coverbands I joined a "Blues Brothers Tribute Band" in 1989 and toured throughout Europe for a long period. During that time bringing the Blues, Funk and Soul to the people, I never stopped listening to Metal.

In 2007 I founded a 80`s Metal Tribute Band with some friends and we formed a setlist with all the Metal Classics from that time. That was pure fun!
In 2012 I became the lead singer of "Red Raven" We released two albums so far with fantastic critics worldwide.

In 2014 I did several shows as substitute singer for GAMMA RAY. Kai Hansen, the leader and singer of the band had a terrible Bronchitis and some serious problems with his voice. So they called me to fill in for some shows and in the end I did the whole tour and became an offical member in 2015 which brought me to various venues worldwide.

2019 I was asked to do a tour with MAIDEN UNITED and so I did. That was a fantastic experience. Singing songs from Iron Maiden in an acoustic way is really challenging.

In 2019, I also became new member of Victor Smolski's band ALMANAC. I took part at the recordings for the third ALMANAC album called "Rush Of Death".

In 2020, I will be on tour together with ALMANAC.